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Trays for electronic parts packaging including Anti-Static, ESD, and Conductive plastic trays.  Trays can be IN Stock, Standard(no tooling), or custom made to your application.  Material options for ESD trays include Anti-static PETG, Anti-Static PVC, Conductive HIPS, Antistatic HDPE, and Conductive HDPE. 
       ESD Small Cavity Trays
Stock in Clear & Black Size Chart

15 Cavity ESD Tray

-In Stock- 
Cavity Size 1.7" X 2"

Tacky  Trays and Lids

Very small part packaging:More Info

The Technical Information Page includes Material Data Pages, Case Studies, and Best Practices.

     Fit-Right AS Plastic Trays
Run To Order  Size Chart

Heavy-Duty  Storage Trays

Anti-Static & Conductive Size Chart

Conductive Plastic Trays

Conductive Trays view cavity options

Tray Finder can be used to locate specialty trays: Conductive Trays, Cylindrical Parts Trays, Insert TraysVery Small Parts Trays, Antistatic Trays, Foam Trays, & more.

ECP 2015
Electro-PakPlastic Trays

Clear & Black Size Chart

  Anti-Static Size Chart

Custom Anti-Static Trays

Made to Order Plastic Trays

Terms: Net 30 with approval, major credit cards, or paypal.

DETAILS   (Links to specific product page above).

Custom Built Anti-Static trays:  If the standard sizes do not fit your application, custom options are available. At our Design
Center, we will design a custom tray to meet your requirements. Our raw material suppliers are the
best in the industry and regularly run static disappative materials. Specify the surface conductivity and we will manufacture trays to meet requirement whether material is ESD, Static Disapative, Anti-Static, or Conductive.

Facility is ISO 9001 Certified with traceability on material and parts including time and date stamps.  Materials can range from .007" thickness to .080" thickness with a range of anti-static or conductive materials available.   Rolls are used for higher volume applications.

Right-Fit:  Anti-Static material is stock and is run on any of the 250 molds.  No mold cost and low minimum of 25 trays.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Containers: Conductive containers are black because the material contains carbon black. The carbon black allows containers to conduct, and therefore if grounded, they will not create an ESD moment. The conductivity of the containers is a permanent part of the high density polyethylene material used to manufacture the containers. There is, however, a tendency for minute particles of the carbon black to slough. This trait may make the containers unacceptable in certain clean rooms. To ensure that the containers are conductive and meet the specification MIL-B81705B, we test the surface resistivity to make sure that it is 105 or less ohms per square inch.

TY-Series Anti-Static Trays: Trays are made from thin gauge PVC material for shipping small electronic parts.   Ideal electronic product packaging.  Dozens of pocket configurations are available including 200, 150, 100, 75, 50, and 35 pocket trays.  Overall size for all tray configurations is 8.75" X 11.5".  Material:  PVC Clear(.020" starting thickness)   Rating: Anti-static to EIA-541.

Heavy-Duty Series Storage and Inspection Trays:  Anti-static trays are generally blue containers. A charge of 5000 volts is fully decayed in less than 2 seconds. This material requires a relative humidity of 15% or greater.  The advantage of this material is that it does not slough conductive particles and is therefore usable in clean room situations.  Containers meet the minimum specifications per MIL-B-81705B. The base material, high density polyethylene, has high impact strength. To ensure that the containers are anti-static, we test the surface resistance. It must be less than 1012 ohms per square inch.

Foam-AS Series Trays
Trays are manufactured from Anti-Static Polyurethane and Polyethylene foam.  Both materials are stock.  Die cut pockets are mounted to flat sheet of anti-static polyethylene.  Conductive materials including crosslink polyethylene foam available upon special order.  Trays are custom with minimal tooling required.  Usually 1 steel rule die is needed.  Any size or pocket configuration.

Static Safe Corrugated Boxes: 
Heavy duty conductive coated corrugated for in plant handling, and storage of printed circuit boards and related products.   100's of pocket sizes made for varying size PCB or electronic parts packaging.  This is an inexpensive and reusable option.   Static safe shipping boxes with dividers are also noted in this area.

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Packaging can be complex.  We are happy to review your application.  Contact us for a quote, product info, or recommended solutions to your packaging needs.  Call or e-mail for assistance.  Servicing North America; with on site sales support in NY, PA,CT, MA, VT, NJ, OH, & Ontario Canada.

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